Edgbaston Waterworks

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The Edgbaston Waterworks was designed by John Henry Chamberlain and William Martin around 1870.  The chimney and engine house are highly detailed if you ever have a chance to get close up.

The chimney here has been carefully cut out and raised, lifting it from the boiler and engine house.  As much ornate detail as been included as possible, drawing in the viewer to look closer at this elegant tower.

This picture is made up 5 individual pieces, which are cut out by hand and raised to create the 3D effect we know the library for.

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(£45) Provided in a protective sealed sleeve (mounted to card frame only)
Card-mount (dimensions: 41x31cm)
(£90) Framed in either black or white. Bubble-wrapped, securely boxed and sent 2nd Class via Royal Mail/Parcel Force.

As space on a narrow boat is at a premium, the Waterworks is made as and when orders come through. Best efforts are made to create the image and send it out within 24hrs.