Burne Jones House

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Burne Jones House is a stunning 1930’s Art Deco building on Benetts Hill.  When leaving one of the restaurants below, you should stand back, look up and admire the elegant detail and features of this building.

Burne Jones House was the first piece that encouraged me to try recessing windows and other features. Normally only raising elements, but in this case to produce the most accurate image possible, the space between the pillars was cut out.  The windows are now recessed by 3mm, producing subtle shadows and a 3D effect.  The roof is also made from layers at varying heights.

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(£55) Provided in a protective sealed sleeve (mounted to card frame only)
Card-mount (dimensions: 41x31cm)
(£90) Framed in either black or white. Bubble-wrapped, securely boxed and sent 2nd Class via Royal Mail/Parcel Force.

As space on a narrow boat is at a premium, Burne Jones House is made as and when orders come through. Best efforts are made to create the image and send it out within 24hrs.