Houses, flats & apartments – No matter the size, style or age, they are all homes chock-full of memories.

Every building is unique, and I aim to include as many personal characteristics as possible, including the family pet, an age old rose bush, or even the husband’s 4-wheeled pride & joy.

You can see from the pictures below a varying level of detail. In some cases a building may need to be simplified to fit the scale, where as in other pieces there was an opportunity to draw every single brick and stone.
On average an A3 size illustration takes 15-20 hrs to draw. With an additional 3-5 hours cutting out and assembling the 3D elements.

The pictures shown below range in size from A4 - A2.
£180 A4
£220 A3
£380 A2
£700 A1
Includes 2 edits/adjustments, framed & collection only.

Please get in touch for P&P rates within UK.

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