Windrush 01


A family home in South Oxfordshire named Windrush.

Creating pieces like this is always a joy, because no matter how generic the building, the residence within soon apply personal touches. Through building extensions, changing window frames, or simply decorating the area with potted plants, a building soon becomes a unique family home.

Windrush proved to be quite a challenge due to the printing restraints I work with on the boat. As it is a wide building, I was concerned that drawing at this scale would lose certain details. Fortunately it does fit within the boarder quite nicely.

There is a lot of depth to this house, which easy to miss when looking face on. From an angle you will see the porch sits forward and that the main windows are actually bay windows. I have cut out these elements and raised them to give a real sense of depth to the picture.
To create a true representation of this home as much detail as possible has been included, right down to the blue glazed flowerpots that feature across the front.

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