Stirchley Youth Theatre

Stirchley Youth Theatre

Built in 1911, Stirchley Public Baths has been recently transformed into a community centre, providing food, performing arts and gallery space.

As the name suggests it was once a grand public baths, built to accommodate the growing population centred around the Cadbury factory.  Once domestic washing facilities became the norm, popularity of the baths declined and the building feel out of use.
Many of the ornate iron railings, structure and tile work have been painstakingly restored and brought back to their original glory.

Stirchley Youth Theatre, ran by an emerging group of amateur actors, approached me with possible ideas for an A5 flyer.  Initial thoughts were to include varying local landmarks but I felt this wasn’t necessary.  As the group planned to use the public baths, it made sense to focus on that building for the flyer, it is a location people young and old in the area would recognise.   The design remains minimal and tidy, with no overbearing graphics and bright colours which would distract the reader from the main message.  I wanted the flyer to be eye catching to children while remaining professional and providing the key information for parents.

Subtle images of theatre were added to give a playful hint to the flyer.  In the top corners we have Comedy and Tragedy masks, drawn in a diamond form based on recognisable tiling found on the building.  We also have Yorick’s skull on the other side of the flyer and featuring on the business cards.

This was quite a challenging project in many ways.  The bath’s is a detailed building, but shrinking it down to A5 meant certain elements had be simplified or even removed so as not to clutter the page.  It is also a very long building and a whole chunk which was drawn never made it onto the flyer simply because it did not fit!  But that is all part of the job, knowing what to include and the best way to get the message across.

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