My Process

While a certain simplicity is gained by focusing on lines as a style, the process is not a simple one.

The coloured pieces are hand finished in French inks and feature fine 3D elements.  A greater level of detail is achieved in larger pieces, and where possible different elements of the actual building are raised off the page or recessed.  This creates a subtle, but effective sense of depth when viewed in person.
Small pieces can take on average 5-10 hours from initial concept to finished design. And each re-worked and hand-finished piece involves an additional 1-2 hours of work.
The larger A4 & A3 pieces take on average 15-20 hours design, with an additional 2-5 hours cutting out the detail, raising and recessing the specific elements.
I love what I do, and hope you love my work just as much!

Commissions and building suggestions are always welcome, please do get in touch.
Birmingham is just the beginning… The product range will soon expand, and other amazing cities will be included!

Please browse my store and share with others too.

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