Title – Snobs

Office Space Murals

The Birmingham Mail and Post have moved into a lovely new office space on Church Street, and they kindly asked MadeOnTheCanal to help decorate the walls.

Prior to this, the biggest pieces created were A1 & A0 prints.  However, for this project we are facing four walls,  4 to 5 meters wide.  What an exciting challenge!

Instead of naming the meeting rooms, No.1, 2, 3 and 4, they were given unique names based on the city.  In total length, 17.8 meters of wall space had to be covered.

Room Name – Spitfire
5690mm wide
This image looks at Birmingham’s manufacturing history and what the region exported around the world.
We have metal manufactures such as whistles, pens and buckles.  Automotive plants, confectionery, linen, and of course, the Spitfire plane.

Room Name – Shelby
4110mm wide
Shelby, as the name suggests is a Peaky Blinders reference.  Thinking it distasteful to include elements of crime, I instead focused on the city’s landscape at the time.  Pubs, terrace houses, mills, factories, and the canal network were prominent features of Birmingham.  These are the buildings that shaped people, influenced them and made Birmingham what it is today.

Room Name – Snobs
For this room I was keen to include as many entertainment and cultural venues as possible, including music, theater, food and arts.  From left to right we have, the Ikon Gallery, O Bar, Town Hall, The REP, fine dining at the Cube, (new) Snobs itself, the O2, Hippodrome, The ICC / Symphony Hall, Electric Cinema, and Piccadilly Arcade (Birmingham’s first ever cinema).
3920mm wide

Room Name – Outer Circle
This was the most challenging room to approach.  The Outer Circle bus route makes it’s way through some lovely parts of the city, and the hard part was thinking of an architectural theme.
I was finding that there was a nice consistency in the Art Deco style libraries were built, so this formed the base of the picture.  Though these buildings are beautiful in their own right, I felt they were blending into one and becoming lost.  In the end, other recognisable buildings and structures were included or replaced some of the libraries.  This gave the picture a greater sense of diversity and added interest.
I would name them all, but where is the fun in that.  How many do you recognise?
4110mm wide

In each of the pictures, the Birmingham Live purple was used on the clouds, trees and other features.  In this case the trees are green, but on the Outer Circle the trees were purple.  This helped break up the picture and gave it a greater sense of depth.

5690mm in width, making it the widest picture created by MadeOnTheCanal to date.



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