No.29 Park Avenue 03


The second commissioned drawing of a house.   This time both front and rear were requested.
The residence is quite large and has seen some big renovations & extensions over the years. The family clearly take great pride in their home and it was a pleasure to produce these two images for them.

The front image has a number features were cut out and raised, such as the porch, sitting room and garage. This was essential as otherwise the image would look too flat and lifeless.

On the rear image, the extension on the left and patio on the right have been cut out and raised, to give that feel of depth the real thing shows.
A dash of colour was added to produce a warmer look to the images.

It is important that every commission piece is perfect for the customer, it is especially important on a project like this, a home that a family have grew up in. Thankfully they were very pleased with the end result!

I hope to do more projects like this in the future, as they are a joy to create, and even more of a joy seeing a happy customer.

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