Made On The Canal – Museum of The Jewellery Quarter

Museum of The Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter and A Little Beyond

Latest exhibition at the Museum of The Jewellery Quarter.

As the name suggests, this collection focuses on the Jewellery Quarter and surrounding area.
Spoiled for choice, it was rather difficult deciding which buildings to create.  In the end I wanted to include as many architectural styles as possible.

On the main wall we have 18 A3 landscape pictures.
The pictures have been loosely grouped together by their current/past use.  To the left we have former factories and workshops that have been converted into residential buildings.  Next there are educational institutions and museums, including The Coffin Works (working museum), that then leads into 3 cemetery images.
Former workshop buildings now office spaces, lead into a somewhat miscellaneous set of pictures.

The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, and Charles House fall outside the Jewellery Quarter but they had to be included.  Two beautiful buildings, situated in great locations perfect for Instagram shots.  The City Centre map was included in this collection as I find it is still an engaging piece.  It is great watching people guess the names of the buildings.  This map also encourages people to speak up and ask why certain buildings were not included.  This helps me understand what buildings people like and gives me a goal for future drawings.

This wall contains 6 A3 portrait images.  The bottom three pictures, The Old Fire Station, 32 Frederick St, and Spring Hill Library were suggested by followers on social media.  To make this exhibition as engaging as possible, I asked the public what buildings they would like to see in the collection.

This is the chess set that started it all.  It was created while working at Birmingham City University.
Once these 12 buildings were drawn, I couldn’t stop.  An A1 city map was created and it has grown since then.

It was great meeting everyone at the exhibition launch.  Quite a few people had unique stories to tell about specific buildings.
Some of the buildings are popular favourites to many in the area, while other buildings are quite obscure.  And it is these obscure buildings that I especially love to create.  I hear many stories from people recounting childhood memories of running around parent’s owned former factories/workshops.  Knowing I have created a picture that means something special to that specific person is a great feeling.

The Museum of The Jewellery Quarter

The exhibition is on until November, so there is plenty of time to see it.  If you want a personal walk through, please get in touch I we can arrange something.  My canal boat is moored only a few minutes away.





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