Lexington Apts

Lexington – Canal View

This is quite a unique piece for both the customer and myself.  Never before have I created an amalgamation of other features in the picture of someones home.

The client was keen that the neighbouring canal and landmarks seen from her balcony were to be included.  The challenge was to fit so much within an A4 frame.

I had to think of something different from the traditional way I had drawn buildings upon-til now.  After some initial sketches, producing panoramic style skylines, the block of flats was looking too bulky and out of place with the other features.  I then decided to go down a more abstract route, by removing the top story from the rest of the building.  At the end of the day, this is where the client lived, and there was no real need to include the stories below.

This freed up a lot of space and gave me greater flexibility in how to arrange the images.  After some time rearranging the pieces, I ended up creating a picture with three tiers.  We have the canal at the bottom, the apartment in the middle, and the neighbouring landmarks above.  By trimming off the bottom corner of the apartment, to make room for chimney smoke breezing past, it has created a lovely sense of movement to the picture.  The apartment itself looks like it is moving alongside the boat. 

The client was tremendously pleased with the picture, as it is not what she was expecting.  And this is a perfect example of what keeps this job interesting and fun for me.  Every project I face new challenges and learn new techniques.
The picture above shows how many pieces when into creating this picture.  Each piece is carefully cut out by hand and raised at different heights with mount board.   There is more to each picture than just drawing it, there is also the time spent considering how it will be assembled… All part of the fun!

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