Jewellery Quarter Festival Map – Made On The Canal

Jewellery Quarter Festival 2018

This has got to be the most colourful piece created so far.  The Jewellery Quarter Festival map for 2018.
The festival is growing year on year, and this has resulted in not one, not two, but three main hubs!  Spreading the entertainment across the quarter, we have the Golden Square, St Paul’s Square, and the Makers Hub.

At first I thought the shape of the Jewellery Quarter boundary would cause some difficulty in fitting onto an A4 page.  I did not want to rotate the map because this is how we are used to seeing it.  If it was tilted in any way it would confuse the reader.
This however proved advantageous, because the empty space on the left side allowed for additional information to be included.
The three main hubs have been enlarged, to show what entertainment will be held there, and the exact position of information services, first aid, toilets, and food carts.

The biggest challenge with the map was fitting the venue numbers around the street names.  I know most people use their mobile phone for maps, but some people still rely on physical paper.  It was essential for the road junctions and street names to be as clear as the venue numbers.

I was keen that the map kept in flow with current and future JQ Bid promotional material.  The best way to achieve this was by applying the JQ Bid colour palette.  The set of 5 main colours, red, blue, green, orange and pink were applied to represent different points of information and locations on the map.  For example red is a venue location, while blue is specifically for the music trail.  The three main hubs were also coloured, so you can easily look from left to right and instantly see where St Paul’s, Makers Hub and Golden Square are on the map.

A rest of the booklet looks amazing!  Whoever thought of sticking with a natural matte finish, it was a great idea.
And a big thank you to the JQ Bid for including my exhibition at the Museum of The Jewellery Quarter.  I will be there over the festival weekend greeting people into the museum.  If you have an interest in architecture, canal boating, or simply want to recommend future buildings I should draw, please come in for a chat.   …Jasper the pug may also make an appearance.

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