ILuvBrum – Logo Design

An open competition by ILUVBRUM for a new Instagram profile image.

Naturally the first thing that came to mind was ‘how do I squeeze a skyline into a circle?!’
Initial thoughts were to draw a standard landscape image, using the cladding of recognisable buildings to create letters.  Buildings like the Library of Birmingham, Cube, and Selfridges have perfect cladding to help build and form letters.   On a large scale this works nicely, however when reduced to an app sized image the whole effort is lost.  It may see the light of day in the form of a poster… I don’t let anything go to waste.

The simple cladding of our new generation of buildings receives mixed reviews, however no one can argue that they are recognisable from afar.  This I have used to my advantage, by exaggerating scale and dimensions of certain elements.  By doing so I have been able to include 6 buildings, each hopefully be equally recognisable.

ILuvBrum explores all corners of Birmingham, you should go check them out!


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