Creating Christmas

When you think of Christmas decorations in a bar or restaurant it is hard not to imagine the over-the-top glitz and glamour of giant baubles and endless chains of tinsel. That is why it was quite refreshing when I was asked to create a simpler set of decorations that traditionally represent the season.

There are endless possibilities when considering how to decorate a tree, but it was decided to keep the designs basic and recognisable. Images of candy canes, crackers, stars and nativity scenes are what we commonly recognise from decorating trees in our childhood. And what not be reminded of this tradition?

The designs are simple, honest and are not attempting to out-glamour neighbouring tress.

Each piece was painted on thick watercolour paper, trimmed and applied to mount-board.   Some are double sided and layered, such as the Naughty/Nice list and three tier stars. Other pieces are more three-dimensional by slotting two segments together, almost like a 3-D cookie cutter.

The collection is made up of 18 pieces, each one taking around an hour to paint, cut out and fix together. It is a nice little set that would look great in a gift box… possibly a future product for next year.

dscf5018-002 dscf5031-003

On a much larger scale we have the ceiling decorations that adorn the light fixtures and centre of the bar. 6 of the tree decorations selected and enlarged. The same production method was applied, that of hand painting, cutting out and mounting onto thick board. Continuing with the Birmingham theme of the artwork on the walls, a canal boat decoration with added chimney smoke was created. Mistletoe was naturally placed above any two-seated tables… I wonder who will notice?

dscf5064-002 dscf5063-002

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome. We are now blinded by decorations as some bars and restaurants attempt to out-do one another. It is hoped that these simpler decorations will catch the eye of patrons; sparking memories of the enjoyment they had decorating the childhood tree and home.

dscf5069-002 dscf5066-001

Merry Christmas!


If you are interested in viewing the Christmas Decorations, as well as enjoying craft ales,  call into 1000Trades, 16 Frederick St, Jewellery Quarter.

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