1000 Trades – A Personal Thank You

2016 saw my work reaching new audiences and 1000 Trades has provided me with a strong footing to showcase my work in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

By way of thank you, I set about to present those who have given me a proud display and gallery of my work with a gift. Using the same stylistic approaches that have become identifiable as mine, I committed the facade and structure of 1000 Trades to paper. Besides the awesome atmosphere, drinks selection and entertainment, the hotdogs are also proudly displayed!

making-1000tradesThank you to everyone at 1000 Trades for the opportunities you have provided me. In the current climate within the arts world, it is ever important for artists to find people who are as enthusiastic and who are supportive of our work. You have given me both.

With this in mind, I hope that my gift to you may also be cherished on your walls, and that your patrons enjoy my work too.

Here’s to the next project with you: something about a miniature Nativity scene I believe? I’m looking forward to it!

Yours, Thomas

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